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*Disney Drabbles 

  • Honor To Us All: My Muse feels the pressure to be perfect, to please everyone and make their family proud somehow
  • Reflection: My Muse feels ashamed over something very important to them and wants to know who they are.
  • I'll Make A Man Out Of You: My Muse is undergoing painful and tiring training to make themselves better for a cause.
  • A Girl Worth Fighting For: My Muse is starstruck by a girl/guy/you and wants to impress them
  • I Wanna Be Like Other Girls: My Muse doesn't want to be prim or proper and wants to let loose and have some fun.
  • Prince Ali: My Muse is now fancier and richer than ever before, he/she is painting the town red.
  • Friend Like Me: My/Your Muse is convincing my/your Muse how spectacular their friendship is, because they never had a friend like them before!
  • A Whole New World: My/Your Muse shows My/Youre Muse an entirely different world/place or a new view/perspective of the world
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight: My Muse and Your Muse spend a romantic night together, can you feel the love?
  • We Are One; My/Your Muse explaining how something is supposed to work and how it balances the world. Ex: Death or Being Different
  • I'm Still Here: My Muse is telling yours/remembering events in their life that had a huge affect on them and just reminding themselves that they're still here.
  • The Colors of The Wind: My/Your Muse changes the perspective of Your/My Muse sees the world.
  • Just Around The River Band: My Muse is wandering what is next is going to happen to them, they're forgetting about their past and focus on a difficult choice to make and it's possible outcomes. To choose one way or another or to choose neither.
  • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride: My Muse and Your Muse take a break from life and enjoy themselves on a wave or two.
  • Friends On The Other Side: My Muse has chosen a new edgier way of life and has some friends on the wild side.
  • Star Wars: My Muse tells Your Muse that they're your Muses's parent/My Muse shoots first
  • You'll Be In My Heart: Your/My Muse tells them that they care about them and they will never be apart because they're in their heart
  • Strangers Like Me: My Muse meets a stranger who is alike them and what's to know more about them, their culture and everything they can know!
  • Two Worlds: My Muse lives in two worlds and needs to keep balance between them after suffering a loss but will forward to a new life.
  • Why Should I Worry: Your Muse is King of their World...Or City and feels care free being the King
  • I Won't Say I'm In Love: My Muse is tortured by their friends, they want them to admit that they love Your Muse but my Muse won't admit the truth.
  • Litte Town: My Muse is sick and tired of their life, they long for adventure and new worlds! Even if it makes them the town gossip
  • Tale As Old As Time: My Muse and Your Muse are the Beauty and the Beast and they fall in love together
  • Evangeline: My Muse gushes about how much they love Your Muse in secret or to a friend
  • I Just Can't Wait To Be King: Your Muse is destined for greatness but they're too impatient and want their grand destiny now!
  • Zero to Hero: My muse becomes a hero over night after spending a lifetime of being the loser!
  • When Will My Life Begin: My Muse wishes to be out of the place their in, they want their life to start.
  • I'm Almost There: My Muse is so close to their goal and can't wait until they reach it.
  • Once Upon A Dream: My Muse has a dream about Your Muse
  • Part of Your World: My Muse longs to be with Your Muse inside their World/ My Muse wishes to be in a different World
  • Kiss The Girl: My Muse is urged on by others to kiss Your Muse on a date
  • I'm Wishing: My Muse wishes for something
  • For A Moment: My Muse finally feels like they belong somewhere
  • Topsy Turvey: Everything that My Muse knows is the opposite!
  • God Help The Outcasts: My Muse is hoping for something that seems impossible because of what they are and wants help, but wants others to be helped first
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls: My Muse feels like they are better than everyone else, but helps the weaker folk only to think less of them/My Muse makes Your Muse to make a deal with them by convincing them
  • Just Look Through My Eyes: My Muse gives Your Muse hope
  • No Way Out: My Muse feels despair over something they did to Your Muse and feels they can't do anything to make it better but they try apologizing
  • Welcome: My Muse shows Your Muse what a family is like and welcomes them
  • Mine Mine Mine: My Muse is selfish and discovers something but takes it all and has big dreams for it, forgetting about the little people
  • Son Of Man: My Muse tries to do something amazing to make another person proud of them
  • Hellfire: My Muse is tempted by someone or just wants to do something they know is bad on their own
  • Bare Necessities: My Muse shows Your Muse what life really needs
  • Hakuna Mata: My Muse tells Your Muse what life is all them
  • Everybody Wants To Be A Cat: Your Muse is something special/came from somewhere special and knows that everyone wants to be just like them
  • Cruella Deville: My Muse thinks Your Muse is evil and talks about it to others/ My Muse tells Your muse about someone who is evil and nasty
  • Not One Of Us: My Muse is treated like an Outcast by everyone
  • One Jump Ahead: My Muse is outside the law and people are out to get them but they are always just one step ahead
  • Be Prepared: Your Muse knows that they are going to make something big happen and prepping for it/ telling their allies to be prepared for new sensation
  • What's This: My Muse finds themselves in a different world/place unlike anything they've seen and what to know what is everything in it
  • Bippity Boppity Boop: My muse/Your Muse is My/Your Muse's Fairy Godmother here to help them
  • Under The Sea: My/Your Muse tries to convince My/Your Muse that their home is perfect and they don't need anywhere better/shouldn't go someplace that isn't even half as good
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